My wife and I have used 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures in our devotional studies each morning for the past month--enough time to determine that your efforts are sound, stimulating, and so scripturally centered and Savior exalting. You have done a splendid job of directing the heart, mind, and thoughts toward our blessed Redeemer. We now have another outstanding and helpful book to recommend to our friends and church members who desire a deepening and satisfying relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bruce R. Fiol, Senior Pastor, Marco Presbyterian Church, Marco Island, Florida

What I like about this book is that it feeds into the way I look at Scripture. I am always looking for how one part of Scripture is related to another so that I can make the Scriptures come alive for my flock. This book does this extremely well. Written in a fashion that has become very appealing as of late, our author takes two pages for each "portrait" of Christ that he highlights starting with Genesis 1:1 and finishing, this book at least, with Malachi 3:1-3a. He shows us connection after connection that reveals the person of Christ as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, as the fulfillment of God's covenantal promise to His children, and as the Savior of His people as revealed in the Old Testament. While there are many books in print that highlight the person of Christ in the Old Testament, this book is easy to read and easy to navigate. It does not claim to be exhaustive in any way and is not, but it certainly whets your appetite to want to see more connections. Since the whole Bible is His-story, this resource helps in bringing that presupposition to light for all who engage with this book.

Mike Singenstreu, Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, PCA, Victoria, Texas

Thanks for 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures! It's a wonderful resource for the Christian Church! Our people constantly hear that Christ is found on every page of Scripture, yet many still struggle at times to see him on the page in their day-to-day reading. But now 101 Portraits gives us an amazing guided tour of the Old Testament as it points to Jesus Christ. Equally amazing, each stop along the way is easily accessible, short and pithy, and yet points the way for deeper study if so inclined. Now there's no excuse! This is a trip through Scripture we can and should all take.

John Canales, Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Flower Mound, Texas

Thanks for asking me to read 101 Portraits. You have done a really neat job of taking us through the person and work of Christ in the Old Testament. While there are other books that deal with this topic, some of which you mention in the bibliography, this is a format that will enable all the people, not just professionals, to read and understand. I am going to recommend it to our readers and teachers and a great resource to study the foreshadowings and types of Christ in the Old Testament. Like your Proverbs book, you have written in a style, especially with the two page format, that will encourage and facilitate reading some good solid exegesis, Bible study, and theology.

Let me know ASAP when it will be off the press. By the way, the Scripture Index is helpful and will make the book even more usable as a good reference volume. Of the many, many outstanding quotes that I could list, thinking about today's issues, you wrote, 'Abram's faith—his absolute trust—leads to his obedience — good works that God had for him to do.' Well stated!

Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator, PCA Christian Education and Publications Committee and author of "Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework."

What better way to pass the time than meditating on the person of Jesus Christ? In "101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures", Bob Beasley gives us Jesus in all of His New Testament glory by taking us back to the Old Testament. After all, isn't that what the apostles did to show us the wonder of and beauty of our Savior? One has to ask if Bob has not captured on these pages some sense of the conversation Jesus had with those men on the road to Emmaus when He opened up the Scriptures to them. Thank you, Bob, for putting these meditations down in print. I am going to make sure every member of my congregation has the opportunity to read and profit from this book.

Shaun Nolan, Pastor, View Crest Presbyterian Church (PCA), Eighty Four, Pennsylvania

Bob Beasley's book is a reminder that Bible study should always lead us to Jesus Christ. While Bob is primarily writing for the laity, preachers should surely have Christ as the goal of their student. All readers will be enriched if they imitate the Bereans and search the Scriptures to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Robert Russell Drake, Senior Pastor of Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, Asheville, North Carolina

Here's a book faithful to Scripture (not typologically fanciful), sound in theology, filled with insight and fun to read. [Each portrait is fleshed-out in the span of two pages—a marvelous feat.] The author, admittedly a good friend, while conversant with the best in commentary material, has himself matured into a top-notch painter and commentator. Best of all, the book exudes Christ and the author's love for Christ. I'm confident that ten minutes a day for 101 days spent in this devotional gem will increase and deepen any serious minded believer's love for Christ. 'Take and read'.

Pastor George Miladin, Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church, Alpine, California

Beasley's 101 Portraits of Jesus is superb, for at least three reasons.

First, it is the sort of book that can only be written by an "elder" in Christ's Church. I am referring here more to the biblical character of elder, one who has lived long and well as a follower of Christ, having gained the wisdom that can come only from experience.

Second, this topic can be a tricky one, and there is much erroneous teaching with regard to it in our day--willful blindness to the presence of Christ on the one hand, and on the other, man-made and agenda-driven speculations that contort and confuse. Beasley's handling of this topic is masterful, sound, and deeply encouraging.

Third, this book speaks not only to our heads, but to our hearts as well. It is mystifying how easy it is to lose sight of Jesus, and, perversely, how easy it is to lose sight of Jesus precisely when reading the Bible! As Walker Percy would say, the Great Depriver is afoot. There is a "vast conspiracy" of the world, the devil, and our own flesh, that scheme together. If they cannot keep us from reading the Bible, they scheme to keep us from seeing Jesus when reading the Bible. Beasley's book blows away the depriving conspiratorial fog, speaking truth to head and heart, and showing us the glorious Savior on every page of the Hebrew Scriptures.

I am deeply thankful for this book, and highly commend it to anyone and everyone.

Dr. Jeff Hutchinson, Senior Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Asheville, North Carolina

Thanks for sending me a copy of your new book, 101 Portraits. I have benefited from your earlier work on Proverbs, and I have similarly been helped by this treatment of Christ in the Old Testament.

You have certainly addressed a needed theme with this subject. As a Pastor for over 32 years, I have found some very helpful treatments of Old Testament Christology for my own use [you mention some good ones in your bibliography]. However, it has not been so easy to provide readable and sound treatments of this subject for my church members. I know this is one of the main reasons you wrote this volume, so that in itself has provided some help for us. In fact, I intend to place this copy in our church's library, and commend it to them.

It was interesting that I received your book while I am preaching through Genesis on Sunday nights. I am just into the life of Joseph now, but all along I have been attempting to show how Christ is seen in Genesis. I can almost see some of our folks' eyes light up as they learn of the richness of the gospel of Christ even in the first book of the Bible [and not just in Genesis 3:15!].

I think the book does a fine job of showing the connections between the Old Testament progression of God's plan of redemption, and its fulfillment in Christ.

Jim Shull, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Crystal Springs, Mississippi

As a graduate from Westminster Theological Seminary I also have been faithful to preach Christ-Centered sermons so far. Taking a look at Bob's Beasley's book, I have been so thankful to our LORD that I review his book "101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures." This book is one of the best books I have been reading so far. Bob does his best to reveal our LORD CHRIST from the old testment of scripture. The contents of the book is so precisely and spiritually summarized that anyone who reads this book will have great insight of how to read the Bible as Jesus wants.

Bob says about this book that it is primarily for lay people, but I am sure that all kinds of preachers have to read this book mandatorily.

Luke 24:27 Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.

Junshik Hwang, Senior Pastor, Korean Presbyterian Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I was sent a copy of 101 Portraits of Jesus to review. And first of all I wish I had written this book, as I agree with everything he writes. I have been waiting a long time for someone to write such a book that I can use for my own study and to teach others in my ministry about Christ in the Old Testament. I have used books by Clowney and others, but this is the first one which seems to cover all the obvious references to Christ. Thank you so much for this book. It is and will be a blessing to many for years to come.

For Christ's Glory,
Fred Showers, Pastor, Covenant Life Presbyterian Church, Saltillo, Mississippi

When encouraging our congregation to read the Scriptures it is often said that 'turn over any narrative in the Old Testament and you will find Jesus there'. This book bears out my contention and it is done faithfully and clearly. It is the kind of book which can safely be put in the hands of any age group, and they would profit from it. Occasionally one felt that the exegesis was a little strained but that might be the reviewer's mindset and in no way detracted from the overall value of the book. It would be an excellent gift for a new Christian and certainly a stimulating read for any believer. A good book indeed since it elevates the Lord Jesus and reverences the Scriptures, and a profitable read as a devotional stimulant for knowledge and prayer.

Irfon Hughes, Pastor, Hillcrest Presbyterian Church, Volant, Pennsylvania

I wanted to send some comments regarding your book. I have only reviewed it briefly so far but plan to work through it in more detail over time. What I see here is a resource for people to have eyes into God the Son and his work through all ages as shown to us in the Old Testament. This book pulls together many of the references to Christ that are given to us in the New Testament as well as many more that are known and noticed by those who have eyes to see. This book will be a blessing to many because of its simple focus on bringing men and women into contact with the hope of the whole world, Jesus, through God's prior revelation.

David Malcolm Dennis, First Presbyterian Church, PCA, Winona, Mississippi

Thank you for your very thorough work on The Son and His types in the Old Testament. I can think of many ways to use this book myself, in sermon preparation, showing the unity of the Bible. Also, it could be used as material for Bible studies and classes.

Dale Linton, Pastor, Meadville Presbyterian Church, Meadville, Mississippi

What a great tool [101 Portraits is] for understanding the person and work of our Lord in the Old Testament writings. It enriches one's vision of Jesus, by pointing to our Lord on every page of the Hebrew Scriptures. I've already used this gem during sermon preparation!

Stacey M. Cox, Pastor/Mission Developer, Rivertown Presbyterian Church (ARP), Hillsborough, North Carolina

When Jesus met the downcast disciples on the Emmaus Road, he said that their problem was ignorance of the Scriptures and their testimony to Himself. Of course, the Scriptures to which our Lord referred are the Old Testament, and Jesus went on to show how "beginning with Moses and all the Prophets" the "things concerning himself" are revealed. This need to see Christ in all the Scriptures is no less profound today! So what a service Bob Beasley has provided to the church in his 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures, and how pleased our exalted Lord Jesus must be with this book. This is a must read for all who have never known the Old Testament witness to Jesus Christ. It is also a most useful resource for the most seasoned Bible student. I have already found it extremely useful in my preparation of sermons from the Old Testament.

Richard D. Phillips, Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
Co-series editor, Reformed Expository Commentary
Council Member, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

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